I’ve always been told that when life gives me lemons, that I should make lemonade…

That’s great, but what do I make when life doesn’t give me any lemons?

What do I do when life doesn’t give me anything at all?

At the end of the day should I still be looking to make some sort of lemonade?

Is artificially-made lemonade good enough?

And why lemonade in the first place? There’s so many other great uses for lemons! Some are wayyy better than just lemonade.

Come to think of it now… Wouldn’t life also have to give you sugar and water to make lemonade? If life gave me sugar I think I’d definitely use it for something other than lemonade.

What if life were to give me lemonade first? There’s nothing useful that lemonade can be used for or made into… If anything, all that sugar makes it unhealthy to drink. I’d rather go back and have the lemons, sugar, and water as separate ingredients.

To be really abstract now, I can’t think of life ever giving me anything tangible. Why should I think that it’ll start to now?

All that to say, I’m thankful that God has given me life and every good thing I have was given by him.

Moral of the story:
Don’t wait around for life to give you lemons. When God gives you life, make the most of it.


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