Hey! Hey! How are you all?! I have a really good thing to share with you guys!!

Here you go 🙂

I have just learned in the classroom with the topic ‘Natural Fast Food’ and in that class we taught each other to break people’s the stereotype about insects and turn it into delicious insects meal but also healthy. Not only that, some insects have higher protein than the meat from bigger animal (cow,chicken etc.). Very interesting isn’t it? Besides that, in this class I also learned how to process the sprouts into a food that tastes good and also healthy. In this class I’ve learned that sprouts also contain a variety of vitamins such as vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamin, vitamin C, vitamin A, and riboflavin. In terms of minerals, sprouts Contain manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. and Sprouts may refer to a number of different vegetable or plant beans in the period of time after they begin to grow. The most common sprouts that people regularly use in cooking are alfalfa, soy, and mung bean sprouts, as well as various other types of bean sprouts. I get a lot of new lessons from this class and I’m very excited to share with people how important it is to try new things on earth that a sustainable and green life. As we know that a lot of the food we consume is not environmentally friendly, for example, cows produce methane gas which can lead to global warming and livestock populations also have spent a land so it is difficult for us to maintain the green area.
After studying all of these stuff, I also want other people to apply what I’ve learned in a way that I will share a recipe to process mung bean to become a delicious dessert and healthy. This recipe called ‘Sweety Mung Bean’ I know it sounds weird but that is how I call it!

Are you ready to make your own mung bean recipe? GET PREPARE!


-Mung Beans (3 tablespoon)    

-Brown Sugar

-Yogurt Plain (3 tablespoon)

-Water (500cc)

-Ice cubes

-Honey (1 teaspoon)







How to do it:

Boil mung bean for 20 minutes in a pan with 500cc of water and after 20 minutes of boiling water, throw the water from the pan so the mung bean are separated.


Take the mung bean that have been boiled and put it together with honey, plain yogurt, ice cubes and sugar in a bowl. And then put everything in the bowl into a blender and mix all ingredients for 1 minute.


After all the ingredients blend, pour into a cup or glass and sweety mung bean ready to served.


Enjoy your yummy healthy dessert and be a green warrior!


YUM… YUM… have you tried it yet? if so, comment below what you guys think 🙂






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