Love sonnet to women

Magnifying Universe is thy affection

Magnifying Universe is thy affection

Thus billion shining light of stars

Decorated naturally with a fine portion,

Lift up many ways to reach a mars

Affection grow greater as we look above the night

Unnamed sparkling stars in the sky

The depths of milky way galaxy of light

Capture the night of the rough sky

Night either noon, thy beauty shimmering

Thy beauty never sound

But power of wholeness universe combining.

If thy affection is magnifying universe, this heart will not go astray

As long as thy affection converse, the colors of the universe will stay.


Love sonnet to men

Unspoken love

I saw the valor in thy manners

Unspoken love o how do I cherish thy presence?

I saw romance in thy manners

Hidden right from the appearance

Rough hands is summery love I believe

Thy tears drown thee cower

In times of trouble not gonna leave

Thy luve more a cover than a blower

Never get praise, never get grades

This anchor strong shape in a dust

Standing pillar of many shades

When the heart flies to win the trust

That love will never end and this life beyond compare,

This soul will make the darkest night be gone to share


Breaking Stereotype Poem “Masks”


It was the first time

That I was aware of my mask

It fit perfectly

Making it unable for me

To tell where it ended

Making it unable for me

To tell where I started.

They’d squeezed me in a pink dress

That didn’t fit.

They put me into high heels

That were to small.

They gave me dolls to play with

That I didn’t like.

They told me stories

That were lies.

You said I’m fragile

Guess all that I do is cry

But I’ve walked a thousand mile

And I’ll never stop to try

And to be a female smelled like fear,

And to be a female felt like insecurity,

And to be a female sounded like gossip in the kitchen.

The history of gloomy past

When I was worthless

But this history won’t last

Because I am fearless

I’m  trying to be strong and not to dominate

Only equality so that I can keep it balance

Not in a dreamy and inane abstraction

Just need to open my mask for a female’s mission

A collaborative piece by Josefina and Tessalonika